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Capstones Approach to Renewable Energy
Throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, about 45% of the population have no access to reliable and affordable electricity. Capstone is committed to addressing this situation by introducing innovative new systems and advancing technologies. 

We are seeking to deliver dedicated power generation schemes and bespoke smaller scale solutions through the introduction of fuel cell technology its integration with our housing projects.
Solar Power
Capstone are invested in solar power as a key power solution for the future. We have the in-house expertise and experience to design, operate and maintain large-scale solar production through PPA’s working with Utility Agencies and are also establishing our own solar projects to power the production of green hydrogen solutions.

However, unlike conventional photovoltaic systems, our approach is to use the latest technology with in-built lenses or curved mirrors that concentrate sunlight onto small highly efficient multi-junction solar cells which become 3 times more efficient than the other solar panels.

Wind Energy
Wind energy is actually a form of solar energy as wind is caused by the heating of the atmosphere by the sun. Within Capstone’s Design Team we have limited experience of this energy and are ready to develop projects in partnerships. Our presence and experience across Sub-Saharan Africa make us a good partner to develop this form of renewable energy. 
Waste to Energy
Capstone Projects is keen to introduce new technologies as far as possible and are targeting reductions in the need for landfill waste from our projects through the introduction of plant such as pyrocores pyrolysis units that can process a wide variety of waste types (solids and sludges) to produce a continuous supply of thermal energy.

At the heart of the process is a transformative technology utilizing high temperatures and the absence of oxygen to break down waste into small volumes of inert ash and release this energy which can then be utilized to power aspects of our developments.

Other Renewable Concepts.

Capstone Projects has experience with solar street & security 
lighting which will be introduced across all our developments.
Capstone Projects will supply electric transportation in the form
of mini-buses, cars or scooters to all our developments, assessed
 on a project by project basis to enable our residents to conduct 
emission-free trips to the wider community in support of work, 
schools and other essential services.

Capstone Projects will also develop ready WIFI connectivity at 
all our developments to ensure internet and on-line services 
can be provided to all residents at regular commercial prices.