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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Before showcasing our fuel cells it is important to understand a little about hydrogen. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the world and its energy can be readily and sustainably harnessed as a renewable energy source to replace traditional fossil fuels. The challenge with hydrogen is that it rarely exists on its own and is found instead as part of other substances such as natural gas or water.
Depending on the compound source used to extract hydrogen different grades (in terms of carbon footprint) are achieved. Green hydrogen is the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly form of production through water electrolysis with oxygen as the only by-product. Capstone’s research and development team is focused on green hydrogen.

As a fuel source, hydrogen is chemical energy that releases stored energy of up to 3 times (on mass) that is provided by conventional fuels such as diesel or gas. Capstone is working to make all its operations green within the next 5 years and is only having to consider grey alternatives in the short term as we are providing solutions now whilst infrastructure is still being established.
Hydrogen Production
Capstone has developed various solutions to meet the demands of our fuel cell range. We offer individually designed solutions that incorporate integrated hydrogen and fuel cell systems and we also have independent hydrogen production solutions through our distribution network that can supply cylinders – much as people are familiar with gas for cooking.

Capstone currently uses alternative fuel sources for hydrogen depending on the requirements and solutions that best suit our customers. The main compounds providing hydrogen in our systems are from water or a formulated methanol/water solution. These are not only the most sustainable solutions but also provide safe and environmentally friendly results – as well of course as good efficiencies and economies for our customers.
Fuel Cells
Whilst fuel cells are all designed to generate electrical power, their applications can be utilized in many different ways including mobile and static applications.

For the African market, Capstone is focused on static applications to address issues such as a lack of existing grid supply or where power interruptions cause business significant problems. We are also focused on total off-grid power generation for our new build housing projects.

 For our customers, we can design either backup or 24/7 power solutions that are not only reliable and environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective compared to current alternatives such as generators or battery storage.
Our solutions are a perfect fit for the telecom sector, can provide stability to the grid network, provide guaranteed power to commercial businesses, ensure continuous power supply in critical institutes such as hospitals, schools, or banks as well as support domestic situations.
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Capstone is also focused on the automotive sector with our UK division of the business that is developing hydrogen-powered electric vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and HGV. Within this market, Capstone's key differentiator from more established brands is that we are building fuel cell-based solutions powered by hydrogen and totally independent from any existing national power infrastructure.