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Capstone’s 100 Day’s Construction Process
Day 1After a formal contract is signed and advance payment is received, our construction timeline starts with a Kickoff Meeting between each customer and our design team, led by our Principal Architect where we will review plans developed to your specifications and get sign-off on the design and all requirements. Following the meeting, our confirmed order will be placed for EPS panels to be manufactured and precisely cut to size under strict quality control conditions. This ensures all panels are pre-cut to our specification, reduces any wastage and fast-tracks the construction process.
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Day 2-20: During the manufacture of the panels' site work commences by clearing and leveling the construction area. Any required and agreed service lines are installed and excavation works for the foundations are completed. Subject to site conditions a simple concrete strip foundation is sufficient to support the property due to the even load distribution using this construction method. Again this allows work to fast-track and introduces cost savings over other building methods
Day 21-28: EPS Panels arrive on-site and are erected easily and simply due to their lightweight and good site preparation. The panels are quickly placed, checked for verticality, and then linked together by tying the reinforcement to form a monolithic structure. Openings for doors, windows, and utility housings are simply cut through the EPS Panels in accordance with the architectural plans and stairs added for properties designed over multiple floors.
Days 29-70: Now the panels are in place checked and approved by our Architect, the next step is to install all the conduits for electrical and internet cables as well as water supply and waste pipes. To complete this the service runs are marked out, then the EPS Panels are chased to create channels for the services which, where flexible, can be fed through the reinforcement or for rigid pipes the mesh can be cut and repaired after the pipework is in place ensuring the structural integrity of the property remains.

Shotcreting is the next phase of construction where a specially formulated thick cement layer is applied to each face of the building that completely encases all panels, reinforcement and utility fixings. Once completed a short curing period is required before a plaster coat is applied to create the finished levelled surface. Again this needs to cure before the construction can move to the finishes phase of construction.
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Day 70-95: Now that the core of the building has been completed, the remaining days are required to install windows, doors, flooring and the bespoke fixtures and fittings to complete the home as per customer specifications.
Day 95-100: A final inspection will be undertaken at this time with the customer to check the quality of our workmanship, identify any outstanding works to be completed, or any defective issues that need to be addressed before the handover on Day 100.
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