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Affordable Housing.
Many recent reports, including Shelter Afrique 2019, have highlighted the acute housing shortage across Africa estimating a current need of 56 million units of which 90% fall within the affordable housing bracket. 

Seventeen African countries are reported to have a housing deficit of over 1 million units, with Tanzania and DRC both urgently needing at least 3 million. South Africa, Madagascar, and Kenya each reported having a shortfall of 2 million homes.  
Renewable Energy.
Across Africa there is an acute need for additional power generation and supply, currently, more than 30% of households do not have access to power. Capstone Projects is focused to make a difference in this situation by utilizing existing solar and other renewable energy technology with new innovations in power generation and storage.


Capstone Projects is focused on the delivery of Social Development Projects across Africa by introducing new technologies, sustainable solutions, and creative innovation. Capstone Projects delivers in the following sectors:
  • Affordable Housing.
  • Renewable Energy.


Breaking News : Joint Venture with KPLC

August 10, 2022

Capstone projects in Kenya have entered a multimillion hydrogen fuel cell research project with Kenya Power & Lighting Company on Mfangano island....

Affordable Housing

Through recent advances in cellular lightweight concrete technology Capstone Projects is able to offer modular housing which is not only durable and affordable but is manufactured under controlled conditions to ensure the highest standards in a controlled environment.

Affordable Housing

One of the core products for Capstone Projects is to provide homes for a mass market which to date has been largely ignored and underserved.

Affordable Housing

Our houses have a modern and contemporary design that reflects the needs of the local residents whether in Mauritius or Kenya.